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Intelligent Solutions

BCI is AI based startup company. We are working in machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, Artificial Intelligence (AI) to solve the most unique biggest problem in diffrant sectors.

What is inside BCI?

We Builds products in the Artificial Intelligence to solve the most unique and biggest problems in different sectors.

01. Machine Learning

BCI is a Machine Learning Service Provider , Our Machine Learning Services will reduce the need for complex software programming by taking advantage of Big Data and mastering self-learning complex algorithms for delivering tasks autonomously.

Our machine learning solutions will cut down programming time and costs dramatically thereby enabling enterprises to concentrate on core activities.

02. Deep Learning & Neural Network

Deep Learning uses cognitive abilities like the neural structure of the human brain to simulate the brain’s actions by mimicking the synapses to find solutions that are usually complex.

BCI Create Intelligent software solution for face recognition,Self-driving cars,Smart devices for home automation.

03. Predictive Analysis

We provide thought leadership, building high performance applications to our clients predictive analytics can help them developing insights that would shape their lending business decisions and give them a competitive advantage.

04. Augmented Reality

In the service of making reality real by optimizing futuristic technologies.

BCI works as virtual Application Development company.

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