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e-Learning Solutions

BCI provides a platform of creative eLearning design to streamline the learning processes into one solution, allowing you to focus on your core competencies.

Let’s give commitment to your success and ability to facilitate learning within your community with BCI solution and make us the trusted and valued partner.

Value-added services

Today’s learning tools only focus on managing the process and deprioritize the educational experience. But BCI, provides the only comprehensive learner success platform that address the learner needs. With a personalized, game-based and fun based approach BCI ensure the perfect solution with below value addition.

01. Flash to HTML Conversion

Still you are a flash player? With this era of emerging new technology BCI brings a full proof solution for your traditional eLearning software to new HTML5. With expertise of BCI across a wide variety of authoring tools and technologies, we can future-proof your learning solutions by converting your existing Flash-based courses to HTML5.

02. Custom Learning

Custom your learning as per your requirement, budget and timeline to full proof digital eLearning. BCI take’s care of all your consideration with deep understanding and provides solid instructional design methodologies, graphic and media design principles.

03. Mobile Learning

Mobile is always an unmatched power so having an eLearning solution is the utmost requirement in today’s fast-growing world. BCI will help to provide the multiplatform, highly responsive and user-friendly GUI solution making eLearning as simple, easy and handy everywhere in your pocket on your mobile.

04. Animated Explainer Videos

BCI understands the importance of connecting with the customers at an individual level, which is the main inspiration of our infomercials services. We aim at delivering the best solution for our clients which embeds their vision and values. Our infomercial services provide our clients the perfect base for promotions of their products and services to drive business growth.

Technology solutions

We not only provide our revered clients the finest environment but also join forces with you so that you can get hold of the befitting solutions and materialize your vision. So, come to us and experience the best offerings from the e-learning and mobile learning solutions.

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